Thursday, September 6, 2007

Interested in the Patent Bar Examination?

Do you have a science or engineering undergraduate or graduate degree and are you interested in utilizing that degree in patent law practice?

Sitting for the United States Patent and Trademark Office's Registration Examination (the official name for the patent bar exam) is something you should think about before you graduate from law school.

The Practicing Law Institute is the only organization that offers a live patent bar review course in New York. This year, the course is scheduled for October 3-7. This is your only chance to attend a live patent bar review course in New York until PLI's next live course, in May 2008. Upcoming major changes to the procedural rules may make the patent bar exam more difficult by next year, so it is wise to get it out of the way now, if you can. If you have any further questions about the exam or PLI's course, go here.

In addition, Dean Gilbert sat for and passed the patent bar exam, so please make an appointment to see him to learn about how to prepare to study for the exam.

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