Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Interested in International Law?

We say this time and time again, but any student or graduate who is serious about a career in international law should become a member of the American Society of International Law (ASIL).

The annual ASIL membership fee for students is $35, and membership entitles you to join particularized ASIL Interest Groups focusing on issues such as intellectual property, criminal law, economics, women, newer professionals, and the issues of particular geographical regions. Other membership benefits include 4 issues of the quarterly American Journal of International Law, 4 issues of the ASIL Newsletter, as well as electronic news items such as IL.Post; discounts on ASIL publications and the Annual Meeting; access to the online Member Service Center, including the Membership Directory; and access to networking events.

In addition, ASIL sponsors scholarships, such as:

The Arthur C. Helton Fellowship Program, established in 2004 on the recommendation of the ASIL Honors Committee, recognizes the legacy of Arthur Helton, a remarkable ASIL member who died in the August 19, 2003, bombing of the UN mission in Baghdad along with UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Sergio Viera de Mello and 20 others.

Law students, practicing lawyers, human rights professionals, scholars, and other individuals seeking assistance in conducting international fieldwork and law-related research are encouraged to apply.

Micro-grants will be granted for logistics, housing and living expenses, and other costs related to the Fellow’s fieldwork and research.

The application form and guidelines for a qualifying proposal, as well as general information, may be found at the ASIL Web site.

All materials for a fellowship in 2008 must be submitted electronically no later than February 15, 2008. Only the first 50 completed applications will be considered. Fellowship awards will be announced in early April 2008.

To join ASIL and explore its web site, go here.

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