Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Employers Using Social Networking
Sites to Screen Applicants

We are very much in favor of social networking sites and social media. However, we try to keep students and alums informed of how these tools are being used by others.

The following is part of a description of a seminar geared to employers concerning the use of social networking sites to screen applicants:

Job applicants have long used the internet to research employers. But now, employers are using the internet to research job applicants as well. Employers aren't only using search engines to find information on applicants but are now examining social networking sites, such as Facebook or MySpace. For job applicants of course, social networking sites are places to interact with peers in any manner they choose. Entries on these sites are typically not meant for employers to view. Employers tell anecdotes of avoiding serious mistakes by using these tools. Conversely, some job applicants feel they have been denied opportunities unfairly by employers or recruiters snooping on social Web sites and viewing materials out of context or Web entries meant just in fun for friends.

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