Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fordham Law School Bans Reed Smith from OCI for Five Years

Fordham Law School has banned the megafirm Reed Smith from interviewing on campus for five years for withdrawing from its commitment to interviewing students after students had submitted applications and the interview schedule had been prepared.

More from the National Law Journal:

"... Fordham University School of Law Dean William Michael Treanor found the timing of Reed Smith's decision to pull out of on-campus interviewing at the school to be unprofessional. And, in response, he banned the firm from interviewing on the campus for five years. The Legal Intellingencer obtained a copy of the memo, sent to students Wednesday, from the law school.

According to the memo, Reed Smith informed Fordham that it would be pulling out of recruiting after the school had already issued its interview schedule to students. That meant some students used up a valuable interview slot. Treanor said Reed Smith still planned to have a 2010 summer program but was withdrawing from interviewing at a few schools.

* * *

Treanor began his memo by talking about how ethics and professionalism are at the heart of the legal profession. He concluded the memo by writing that the school expects its students to act with the utmost professionalism and it expects employers to do the same.

Michael B. Pollack, global head of strategy at Reed Smith, said this certainly isn't a situation the firm was looking for and he suspects the ban isn't a good situation for the firm or the students. He said he hopes Treanor would reconsider."

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