Monday, November 2, 2009

If It’s November, Think NYU Job Fair

Beginning November 1, students can register online for the NYU Public Service/Public Interest Job Fair. The Fair takes place in early February at NYU and hosts over 100 government and public interest employers offering both summer internships and post-graduate jobs. Registration is free and required to participate in the Fair. There is no penalty for registering for the Fair and then deciding not to participate, so you should register to reserve your right to participate. Once students have registered, they can upload resumes to specific employers and check interview schedules online.

The Fair is a public service job fair in the broadest sense. In other words, any employer who touches upon the public service – be they public interest organizations, government offices, or private law firms that do public interest work – can be at the Fair.

All first-year students are encouraged to register for the fair, as almost every employer that participates would provide excellent legal experience for a first-year law student. Remember, first-year students are looking for summer opportunities that are supervised by an attorney and provide legal research and writing or client advocacy work. The actual practice area engaged in by the employer is a secondary concern at this point in your legal career. There will be plenty of time over the next couple of years for you to focus your resume on particular practice areas in which you become interested.

Upperlevel students, particularly those interested in careers in public interest or government, should seriously consider registering for the Fair. Even “law firm bound” students should think about the Fair, as many of the participating employers could provide useful skills in many different practice areas.

To register for the Fair, go here.

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