Thursday, November 19, 2009

So, you passed the Bar Exam. Change your resume!

The July 2009 New York State Bar Examination results were recently announced, so it is time for those who passed the exam (woohoo!) to do a little resume updating.

Create a new section between your name/address header and the education section on your resume as follows:

BAR ADMISSIONS New York State (awaiting admission)

The "awaiting admission" designation lets employers know that you have passed the Bar Exam and are awaiting to be formally admitted to the Bar. In addition, include the fact that you are awaiting admission to the New York State Bar in the first sentence of your cover letter. Do not use "Esq." or any other honorific which might lead an employer to think you are actually admitted.

Please feel free to email your updated resume to a Career Services Office counselor to have it reviewed.

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