Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Touro Law Center Students and Alums Continue to Fight for Justice on the Gulf Coast

For several years, Touro Law students have made two or three trips a year to New Orleans as part of the Student Hurricane Network (now the Student Disaster Relief Network) to help Katrina victims. Students have worked in all sorts of legal, social, and political offices to help people enforce the rights which they have. Touro community members have been well received by the New Orleans community and are recognized and welcomed every time they return.

Recently, over the holiday break, while visiting the Gulf Coast, Professor Tracy McGaugh, Ray Malone (Touro Law '09), and Cheryl Van Dyke (Touro Law '10) spent some time in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, working with people who are having difficulty getting attention and, therefore, justice on an environmental contamination issue affecting their community. They are being forced to live with contaminated water. The city knows. The environmental agencies know. Nothing is being done.

To help publicize the issue and, they hope, get the attention of both lawyers and journalists who might be able to help, the dedicated trio conducted interviews with community members. Cheryl Van Dyke compiled the interviews into a short video which you can view here.

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