Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Grads: Workers' Compensation Board ALJ Exam Offered in February 2011

Here's an option for those with Workers' Compensation experience - become a Compensation Claims Referee. A description of the position from the Civil Service website follows:

"As a Compensation Claims Referee, you would utilize legal research techniques, including various computer applications to render decisions on claims arising under the Workers' Compensation Law, Disability Benefits Law, Volunteer Firefighters' Benefit Law, and Volunteer Ambulance Workers' Law; conduct meetings, conferences, formal hearings, and pre-hearing conferences with claimants, representatives, and carriers and employers when appropriate and necessary for the resolution of a claim; identify issues in controversy; consider and evaluate documentary and testimonial evidence; place witnesses under oath and hear and evaluate lay and medical testimony; direct, consider, and evaluate depositions; direct reimbursement to disability benefits carriers in controverted Workers' Compensation cases; order reimbursements to employers for advance payment of compensation; direct the investigation of occupational disease cases; order medical examinations and rehabilitation evaluations of claimants; evaluate applications for attorneys' fees; impose penalties; review stipulations and waiver agreements; issue orders of the chair; and prepare and review* proposed decisions under the administrative and conciliation processes. You would preside over discrimination hearings where it is alleged an employer fired or discriminated against an employee for filing or attempting to file a workers' compensation or disability benefits claim; conduct hearings relating to denials of medical treatment or other benefits; rule on legal objections to medial bills raised by carriers; and preside over cases in which it is alleged that the employer is not insured."

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