Thursday, March 31, 2011

Touro Law Library New Book: "Landing a Federal Legal Job : Finding Success in the U.S. Government Job Market"

The Touro Law Library has a new book: Landing a Federal Legal Job : Finding Success in the U.S. Government Job Market by Richard Herman (2011). Check it out!

The U.S. government is the largest legal system in the world and employs lawyers in an innumerable variety of legal jobs. When seeking government legal work, you need a thorough understanding of the many positions throughout the different departments and branches to find the right fit for you. You also need to be able to decode the mysteries surrounding federal legal application and employment.

Landing a Federal Legal Job is designed to give you the edge in pursuing a U.S. government attorney or law-related position over your competitors, but also to provide a solid understanding of the U.S. government's legal employment opportunities and hiring processes so that you can make an intelligent decision about whether you want to work for--and where you want to work within--this giant legal system. It's divided into eight thorough parts:

 Part One: Federal Legal Demographics
 Part Two: The Pros and Cons of a Federal Legal Career
 Part Three: Where the Federal Lawyers Are
 Part Four: How the Government Hires Lawyers
 Part Five: Frequently Asked Questions about Landing a Federal Legal Job
 Part Six: Getting Hired
 Part Seven: Long-Term Trends
 Part Eight: Where to Work

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