Friday, June 1, 2007

Burglar Leaves His Resume
At Scene Of The Crime


At least we know he was actively pursuing a real career.

Police in Brooklyn apprehended a man suspected of burglarizing a home and leaving his resume behind at the scene of the crime.

Al Waxter, 39, faces burglary and other charges after police say he broke into the Clinton Hill home of Deputy Brooklyn Borough President Yvonne Graham. Police say Waxter made off with some money and valuables, but he left behind a bag containing his keys and his resume.

Graham was glad the suspect was captured, but she's also relieved she didn't encounter the burglar herself. "I am very happy I wasn't home when it happened so I didn't have to have a confrontation with this individual," she told CBS 2.

Waxter didn't waste time blowing his cover when police found him either -- he was apparently wearing Graham's diamond studded earrings when he was placed under arrest.

Waxter told police the gate to Graham's home was left open.

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