Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Practice Area and Specialty Guides

Harvard Law School's Office of Public Interest Advising has posted updated versions of its practice area and specialty guides. These references are great tools to learn about such topics as:

* Children's Rights
* Civil Rights/Civil Liberties
* Conservative Public Interest Law
* Environmental Law
* Foundations
* Health Law
* How to Make the Most of Your Summer Job
* Immigration & Refugee Law
* Law Firms Sponsoring Public Interest Summers and Summer Fellowships
(Split Summer, Externship, and Summer Fellowship Opportunities)
* Legal Services
* LGBT Rights Law
* Outstanding Lawyers in Action: A Day in the Life of Wasserstein Fellows
* Political Campaigns
* Private Public Interest Firms
* Pro Bono
* Public Defenders/Indigent Defense
* Sizing Up the Prosecution
* US Attorneys' Offices
* Women's Rights

To access these free online resources, go here.

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