Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Suffolk Academy of Law

Are you interested in building expertise on your resume in a particular area of law? Have you recently become interested in a practice area in which you have no experience? Do you want employers to take notice of your resume because it contains experience that few students pursue?

The Suffolk Academy of Law, the educational arm of the Suffolk County Bar Association, offers a wide variety of practice area programming that is open to student members at a greatly reduced rate (typically $25 a program). Programs run the gamut from the Academy's annual updates in topics such as New York Civil Practice and Criminal Law & Procedure to programs on New York's sex offender laws, matrimonial mediation, time management skills, drug treatment courts, mortgage foreclosure issues, and more. Moreover, in addition to what you learn at the program, you will also have the chance to meet attorneys who are interested in the same practice areas as you. Needless to say, any program you attend should be placed on your resume (talk to a CSO counselor to find out how to include such programs on your resume).

So, go to the Academy's website and check out the great programming that will make you stand out from the crowd.

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